Premature tooth wear

Reason Solution
A Too high cutting speed Reduction of the cutting speed
B Insufficient coolant Adjust coolant flow or ratio
C Sanded, scaled or extremely hard surface of the material Grind the material surface in the cutting area
D Hard inclusions in the cutting material Metallurgical examination of the cutting material
E Improper break-in procedure Do the break-in process to every new blade

Tooth breakage

Reason Solution
A Too low cutting speed Increase the cutting speed
B Too high feed rate Reduce the feed rate
C Wrong tooth pitch selection Select correct tooth pitch
D Material to cut hasn´t been clamped properly Clamp the material properly
E Insufficient coolant concentration Increase the coolant concentration
F Band saw blade and material to cut are in touch before starting the cutting process Start the cutting process without any contact between the band saw blade and the material to cut
G Chip brush is not effective Adjust or replace the chip brush

Breakage of the band body

Reason Solution
A Guides are too tight Check and adjust the guides
B Improper guide alignment Adjust guide alignment
C Worn guides Turn or replace the guides
D Teeth are rubbing against the guides Adjust the guides properly
E Excessive blade tension Adjust the blade tension according the manufacturer specifications
F Worn band wheels Replace or repair the band wheels
G Bearing problems Change bearings if necessary
H Blade riding on flange Re-track wheels

Crooked, Wavy cuts

Reason Solution
A Band saw blade gets dull Reduce the feed rate or replace the band saw blade
B Worn guides Adjust or replace the guides
C Loosen guides Adjust the guides
D Guide arms are too separated Position the guide arms to the work piece
E Tooth pitch too small Select proper tooth pitch according to the material dimension
F Excessive feed rate Reduce the feed rate
G Improper band width Select proper blade width for the machine
H Inadequate blade tension Increase the blade tension and check it with a tension meter
I Chip brush improperly adjusted Adjust the chip brush at the proper distance